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Waiting for the Rain

Many continue to wait for rain as extreme heat and drought conditions scorch continents around the world. So, it’s with deep gratitude that I inhale the familiar scent of moisture that precedes the approaching rain in my backyard.

As the sun retreats behind a dark shroud, drops begin to fall and quickly multiply into a soft, gentle, purifying rain. Our very thirsty patch of earth has been aching for this drink for quite some time. I can almost hear the grass, the trees, and the flowers sighing with relief. Too soon, the sun sheds its wooly coat and regains its command of the sky as nature flaunts her diamond beads and dances with joy.

I confess to being a “pluviophile” – a lover of rain. Glistening wet days also delight my granddaughter who races to find her butterfly umbrella and rubber boots every time it rains so she can splash around in as many puddles as she can find.

As I sit on the back porch and enjoy this liquid gold falling from the sky, images from my past rush in:

- Autumn in New England when leaves swelled with rain fall to earth, creating a glistening, squishy, multicolored carpet

- Falling asleep to the sound of rain as it falls on the old tin roof of my childhood home

- The odd smell of yellow rubber raincoats hanging on pegs in the hall outside the classroom

- A solitary walk in the rain – just because

I lift my face to the sky and raindrops roll down my cheeks like tears. They remind me of the emotional storms we all weather in our lives. Some are showers that trickle out from a good belly laugh or because our hearts are aching. Others are thunderstorms that fill us with rage and feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, or regret. Then there are the hurricanes, the significant storms of life that bring us to our knees. Nature requires both rain and sun to thrive and so do we. For without sadness, we would never be able to appreciate happiness.

Right now, I think it’s time to grab my umbrella and head out into the rain with my favorite little human to jump in puddles, look for frogs, and if we’re lucky – spot a rainbow in the act of painting the sky. Life is what you make it. Make it sing for you – even in the rain.

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